What Are Healthy Hotels?

What Are Healthy Hotels?

As relaxing as vacations are in theory, all too often, vacationers have returned from their trips only to feel lethargic and worse than they did beforehand. For years, the demand was there for healthier, fitness-oriented options. As the recent trend of “wellness tourism” has taken foothold among travelers across the country, healthy hotels are popping up and changing what travelers come to expect in their hotel accommodations.

Healthy hotels combine both a relaxing getaway with a lifestyle that is suitable for the health conscience. Instead of - and sometimes, in addition to - the gluttonous buffets and bars you find at many resorts, healthy hotels focus on giving their guests the same types of luxury options except with their well-being in mind.

Wellness travel is not only a burgeoning industry for vacations, but it is becoming increasingly popular for business travel as well. For years, businessmen and businesswomen would come back to their hotel after a long day of meetings and open their room service menu only to find a limited selection of unhealthy food options that would have to hold them over until the next morning. And forget about exercise - many hotels offered nothing more than a small, dingy gym that barely had the essentials for a complete workout. Maybe a few old machines and some free weights, but not much more.

The times have changed for the better, as healthy hotels tend to offer tempting menus of healthful treats and fitness centers that would be suitable for world class athletes.

Many of these healthy hotels are presented in spa format. For the vacationers, they may include activities such as yoga, Pilates, massages, and even paddle boarding if you are at a resort near the water. For healthy hotels located in bigger metropolitan areas, many offer free bikes to ride around the city. You can book a room with a treadmill or elliptical machine so you can work out in the privacy of your own room. The fitness options are varied to fit the needs of all different workout regimens. You can even rent fitness DVDs or workout clothes if you arrived at the healthy hotel unprepared to work up a sweat.

When it comes to food, the room service menu at many of these hotels swaps out the traditional unhealthy fare for gluten free, vegetarian, and even vegan options. The health-conscious menus allow for guests to customize their meals and not have to settle for just a few options that may not conform to their dietary restrictions.

No matter what the reason for a trip, when you return home you want to look and feel better than when you left. No longer is a vacation an excuse for gluttony - it is now a reason for self-improvement.  

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