Natural Remedies for 5 Types of Headache Pain

Natural Remedies for 5 Types of Headache Pain

When your head is throbbing, you might not care that there are five types of headaches. But learning to recognize each one can help you choose a home remedy that will provide quick relief. The next time you find your head pounding, use this handy guide to determine what kind of headache you have.

1. Tension

Tension headaches are the most common type of headaches for adults and teens. They occur when your muscles stay tense. Neck and shoulder muscle tension extends to your head and causes pain. The pain can come in bursts and may start out as a dull throbbing. Tension headaches can last for several hours.

Home remedies to try:

  • Smelling peppermint oil can soothe tension.
  • Rubbing basil oil on your body relaxes muscles.

2. Cluster

Cluster headaches are the least common form of headaches. The pain is severe and may feel like a piercing or throbbing pain behind one eye. The pain occurs in "clusters" of one or more times a day over a period of weeks. They may stop suddenly and not return for months or years.

Home remedies to try:

  • Melatonin may help relieve cluster headaches that occur at night.
  • Cayenne pepper, ginkgo biloba and guarana are helpful herbs for relieving cluster headaches.

3. Sinus

Sinus headaches are felt behind the eyes and nose and in the cheekbones. They occur when there is swelling in the sinuses due to allergies, a cold or sinus congestion. Turning your head makes the pain worse. You may also see swelling in the face with sinus headaches.

Home remedies to try:

  • Eating flaxseed reduces inflammation.
  • Adding buckwheat to your diet decreases inflammation.

4. Hormone

Usually seen in women, hormone headaches happen when there are drastic or sudden changes in hormone levels. Pregnancy, your period and menopause can all cause hormone headaches.

Home remedies to try:

  • Massage reduces stress and helps ease pain associated with hormone changes.
  • Practicing yoga connects you with your body and is a gentle method of dealing with natural changes.

5. Migraine

Migraines are serious headaches that keep you from working, playing or doing anything. No one knows for sure what causes a migraine. If you feel dizzy or nauseated or are sensitive to light when you have a headache, it's probably a migraine. They can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days and can happen several times a month.

Migraines usually need prescription medications for relief, but there are things you can do to relieve the side effects at home:

  • Room-darkening curtains can help relieve sensitivity to light.
  • Pressing lightly with two fingers on the inside of your wrist may ease nausea.
  • Wearing a comfortable sleeping mask or eye mask helps relieve pressure and block light.

No matter what kind of headache you may have, pay attention to how you're feeling overall. The little things can help you determine which home remedies will work best. If your headaches keep coming back, talk with your doctor.


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