How a Life Coach Will Help You Succeed

How a Life Coach Will Help You Succeed

What happened to that goal you set for yourself some months or years ago? If it isn’t any closer to becoming a reality by now, here is where the aid of a life coach just might be in order. Obtaining the services of a life coach is not something reserved for your parents’ wealthy friends’ chronically jobless daughter, despite what any number of laugh-track punctuated TV comedies may insinuate. Life coaches are for real people trying to achieve real goals.

Why you might need a life coach

As children, we look up to our moms and dads, or other parental figures, who provide guidance and keep us accountable in making and reaching goals. As we mature, we want to carve out our independence and therefore seek guidance less and less. Some people are great at self-discipline and can drive themselves. Kudos to them; however, then there are the rest of us who get bogged down with numerous responsibilities and lose track of our ultimate goals.  

A life coach will help you identify your goals and reach them. The problem of realizing a goal is often about figuring out the steps you need to take between now and reaching that end goal. Your life coach will guide you as you determine which steps you need to take, and help you stick to your path towards achievement. 

Being accountable will force you to succeed

The psychology of accountability plays a key role in the life coach – client relationship. The coach holds you accountable, just like a parent, teacher, or boss would, driving your goals forward. Much like the coach of a sports team, your life coach will keep encouraging you to do better, to try harder, and to keep your eyes on the prize. However, a good coach will also drop you off the roster if you look like you’re not willing to do your part in helping yourself. That is why passion is key; a life coach can help you but can’t be you.

Whereas a psychiatrist may be able to double as a life coach, it doesn’t stand the other way around. The role of a life coach is to help an already mentally healthy individual hone in on his or her goals. The life coach is for someone who is already actively playing the game of life, but needs to sharpen his tools.  

Your life coach knows the secret to success

Life coaches specialize in a variety of areas, from diet and nutrition to business and entrepreneurship. What you want in a life coach is someone that has more knowledge than you do about your particular path. They don’t need to have started a canoe rental business to help you with yours, but they should have knowledge about what it takes to start a business. So, part of hiring a life coach is doing your research and finding a person suited to your goals.

Essentially, the purpose of bringing this new person into your life is to help you get off your beaten path and on a new track.  If you’re reading this, you are already getting proactive about changing the direction of your life and if you’ve got the drive, tools and passion than a life coach is going to be that guiding force that lights your path to success.  


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