6 Healthy Lifestyle Changes

6 Healthy Lifestyle Changes

We’re well past the New Year’s resolutions, and if you’re like most people – they probably didn’t last more than a week or two. New Year’s resolutions never really do work simply because they have a starting point, which means they also have an ending point once you miss the resolution. You feel like a failure and you simply just give up.

When it comes looking better and feeling better, you should think of yourself embarking on a healthy lifestyle journey. This is because a journey never really ends even if you get lost or take a short detour. You simply get back on the right track without ever having to feel like you’ve failed at something. When it comes to making healthier changes, here are six that I believe can be a good fit for everyone at any time!

1. Do something physically healthy for you several times per week.

We often get stuck in the rat race don’t we? And, unfortunately, our bodies suffer from it. We are unhealthy and we are overweight. It’s time to stop it. Find time in that schedule for you in order to work on your fitness goals. Go for walks. Find a state park and go hiking. Go to the gym. Or stream a workout DVD and work on your physical body. After all – it’s the only one you’ve got and it’s got to last you a long time. It deserves your time and it deserves your attention.

2. Make a food swap once in awhile.
Most of us eat processed food and we eat out often. Because of this, we consume too much sugar, too much salt, too many calories and too many unhealthy fats. You should start looking at your food as if it should be an enjoyable energy source. Pick the highest quality food choice that is the best to fuel your body for what it needs and that tastes good. Eat small amounts and savor it slowly. Enjoy what you eat but keep portions in check!

3. Save money from each paycheck – even if it’s $5.00.
As a nation, we are in too much debt and have saved little for retirement. It’s important to get yourself financially stable and the first way to do this is by teaching yourself how to save money. The best way to save money is to practice saving money. Put this money away in an IRA and don’t touch it until you are ready to retire. It could mean the difference between retiring in poverty and retiring in comfort.

4. Laugh every day especially if it means laughing at yourself.
We often take ourselves way too seriously. But to quote a few old cliché - you can’t take it with you and no one gets out of this life alive. Make it a point to laugh every day. Sure – there will be days it will be hard to find something, but as you start looking, you’ll be amazed at how much fun you’ve been missing over the years.

5. Regularly treat yourself to something that doesn’t cost a dime. Pay attention to life around you and see the wonder life can be. Enjoy a beautiful sunset. Do volunteer work saving old dogs. Appreciate the flowers at the park. Watching a child do a full-on belly laugh. Be grateful for everything you can!

6. Brainstorm on life’s goals and do something to work towards them.
Everyone has goals and sometimes it takes years to achieve them. But don’t let this stop you. Start working towards them and over the years, you’ll find that you’re much closer than where you ever thought you’d be.


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