3 Tips For Quitting Smoking

3 Tips For Quitting Smoking

Cigarettes are said to be one of the hardest things to quit because a lot of people develop two types of addictions. The first is the addiction to nicotine, which later results in the addiction to the oral sensation of cigarettes as well. Not only do cigarettes negatively affect you and those around you but they also affect the environment as well. Not just the atmosphere and air we breathe but also the amount of litter left behind from butts of many smokers. If you have tried to quit countless times before but cannot seem to get it right, here are some tips to gain control of your habit.

1. Remove all doubts

The mind is one of the most powerful and useful tools that you have when it comes to kicking a bad habit. When you decide to quit cigarettes tell yourself that you are done and mean it. If you are religious or spiritual you can also call on a higher power to assist you in your new battle. Whatever it takes to remove all doubts from your mind. Daily meditation can also help to keep you living in the current moment and remove those doubts. Tell yourself you can do this! 

2. Gum

It is a common belief that smokers are up to six times more likely to develop gum disease than nonsmokers because smoking dampens the body's immune system. This makes it harder for your body to fight back against disease and causes inflammation. Chewing gum is an old trick, but it can work wonders especially in moments of massive cravings.  Nicotine infused gum does exist but can make the process of quitting harder for short-term users and does not work for everyone. If you are a long-term user you should speak with your physician (before quitting cold turkey). This is because, over time, your body becomes more and more dependent on nicotine, causing severe withdrawals. Understanding and working with your body is the key to success.

3. Lobelia (lobelia inflata)

Lobelia is a fragile flowering herb described as light bluish to violet in color with a touch of yellow that can grow to a height of about three feet. It is a very popular garden plant that also has pale green or yellowish leaves. This herb is used to treat asthma, allergies, whooping cough, congestion, and bronchitis. Lobelia is also useful for tobacco withdrawal as an herbal remedy to quit smoking and is said to decrease nicotine cravings. Some feel strongly that lobelia should be used in low dosages, because with overuse, it may induce vomiting. Consult a trained, professional herbalist before you begin using any herb, such as lobelia. Your herbalist will advise you on how to take the herb and prescribe proper dosages. 


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